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By compiling almost 40 years of publicly available registered voter data, we can tell you who votes and where to find them.

Find your win number

Based on the size of the field, the number of incumbents, and projected turnout, how many votes will it take to win?

Find your audience

Based on past election results, what are your district’s voting trends? Who are your voters and where can you find them?

Find your voters

Call and canvass your voters by applying relevant filters to the Downballot Database to generate phonebanks and walking lists for your campaign team. Downballot experts can help you optimize your lists.


After assessing the race, map, and a candidate’s identity and message, Downballot helps a campaign determine their campaign thesis and messaging arc. What is your thesis to voters? How do you introduce yourself? What themes and language should you emphasize? What are your policies? What is your closing argument?

Downballot then generates and manages a candidate’s social media accounts, website (fielding donations and endorsements), online advertising, as well as print materials such as yard signs, mailers, literature, newspaper ads, and letters to the editor.

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